A bit about LJ…

So what does your job actually involve? Tell us all about it!

Being part of the Design team enables me to really embrace our brand and make sure it's communicated correctly. This includes designing both print and web products such as banners and wallpapers to infographics, booklets and even designing this site!

What's the most unique part of your role at The Student Room?

My role has grown and developed a huge amount since my first days at TSR. I started out in Ad Ops and providing customer service for Marked by Teachers and Get Revising. I now work in Design and I am really grateful for TSR for giving me the opportunity to do what I really love. Working across all of our sites and with several departments has given me amazing insight in to how our sites work and the awesome team behind it all.

What do you find most exciting about working in the student & youth market?

Students are incredibly passionate, enthusiastic and helpful. It's amazing how they come together and make something amazing, whether it's providing great help and advice or sharing their learning resources and we get to be a part of that.

If you could give your student self one piece of advice what would it be?

Don't let anything ruin your love of Design, be confident and believe in yourself and your work. Also life goes by so quickly so get out there and try new things and make sure you enjoy every moment!