A bit about Steve...

So what does your job actually involve? Tell us all about it!

It is my responsibility to ensure that our users enjoy a personalised, engaging experience across our websites, emails and all other channels. I'm here to protect the user journey and make the experience as easy and as relevant as possible.

What's the most unique part of your role at The Student Room?

Personalisation of websites and CRM is a pretty unique and interesting area of marketing. Predicting what a user is most likely to engage with next, in order to give them a more enjoyable and seemly experience is a pretty cool and rewarding area of marketing to work in.

What do you find most exciting about working in the student & youth market?

Being involved in the forums makes me feel young again whilst simultaneously reminding me that I'm old. The internet was still very new when I was in education so it's exciting to see how technology is changing the experience.

If you could give your student self one piece of advice what would it be?

Love, laugh and appreciate family while you have them. I wouldn't advise my younger self to do things any differently - our successes and failures are ultimately what shape us and should be embraced.