More students are using the disabled forum on The Student Room

The Student Room appeals to all types of students discussing all varieties of topics. More and more students than ever before are using the Disabled Students Forum on The Student Room as a means of getting advice and information.

Students are turning to the student room for advice about a range of topics concerning disability – such as informing a university about it on a UCAS application or advice about Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) – and there is a lot of advice and information available from their peers. Discussion and activity in the disabled student forum has increased by 74% compared to September 2010 and so far in October it is up by 17% on October 2010.

The disabled forum offers a huge amount of advice for students with disabilities and places that they can get support from their peers:
Disabled Students’ FAQ
A list of common disabilities/disorders
Guide to the Disabled Students’ Allowance

Some of the more common questions asked include:

  • “How does DSA work for me?”
  • “What benefits would I be entitled to while I am at University as a disabled student?”
  • “Do I have to tell my university about my disability when it has just been diagnosed and I would rather keep it private?”
  • “Does this sound like a disability?”
  • “Can I get a DSA for mental health issues?”

Many students find the forum useful, helpful and informative, and for students to be able to talk to others in similar positions and free from discrimination has led to it growing into a very useful and worthwhile resource.