Most students are doing the course they want but miss out on their dream uni

A recent poll on The Student Room, has found that although the majority of 2012 applicants are doing the course they want, few are hopeful of going to their first choice uni.

Users of the world’s largest student site were asked two sets of questions that provided very different results.

“What university do you want to go to?” & ”What university do you expect to go to?”

  • 63% of these students don’t expect to go to the university that they want to go to and they have a number of reasons why not

“They don’t provide the course I want to do”

“I couldn’t afford it”

“It’s an international university”

“It’s too competitive”

“What course do you want to do at university?” & “What course do you expect to do at university?”

  • 21% of these applicants are NOT doing their dream course for the following reasons

“I didn’t study for the necessary A-Levels”

“My GCSE/A-Level grades weren’t good enough”

“Other courses are more useful for my career”

This follows previous trends that we’ve found that show that students are alot less likely to compromise on the course they want to study and will happily change university to do it, whether that’s because it’s too expensive, too competitive or in the wrong area.

Students are giving more time to researching their options and showing a greater determination to do the course they want and if universities want to compete for their place they will need to be aware of what’s most important to applicants when it comes to choosing a university.

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