The Student Room launches a BRAND NEW Homepage with improved advertising options

The Student Room today launched its shiny new homepage as part of its ongoing commitment to enhance the UK’s largest student community; for the benefit of all students and those advertisers that seek to connect with them.

View the new homepage in all its glory

This is the first in a string of updates set to land this summer, all of which are committed to the same 3 objectives:

  1. Make the community as accessible as possible to everyone
  2. Make the community simple to use
  3. Increase community engagement

The most obvious update is the new look carousel, designed to showcase featured content and provide a window into all the brilliant things that are going on across The Student Room every day.

““Our new homepage will enable us for the first time to curate the wonderful student contributions across the site and create professional resources for students that incorporate and amplify the student voice.
We now have the opportunity to bring helpful resources, fun competitions and debate to the fore. This will mean increased membership and engagement, both of which are good news for advertisers looking to connect with students.” Jamie O’Connell, Marketing Director of The Student Room Group.

New ways for your oganisation to connect with students

Improved Homepage Takeovers and Wallpaper

  • High impact display advertising
  • Better integration into the world’s largest student site
  • 24 hour ownership of our busiest page

Advertorials (New)

We can now produce engaging content that showcases your product or service, promoted from our new carousel.

  • Have a chat to us about advertorial content ideas that fit with your needs
  • Invite us to cover your event?
  • Propose your own feature that will benefit the student community?
  • Exclusive share of voice

Weekly spotlight (New)

Your ad, made up of an image, some text and a link, will run on the homepage and across the whole site for one week. Loads of views loads of clicks.

  • Quick turnaround – perfect for those reactive campaigns, when you have something to shout about at short notice
  • Direct click to your site
  • Strong branding

For more information about this and future updates
Download our Media Pack
Call your account manager on 0800 999 3222

We’d love to know what you think about the changes we’ve made, so please make use of the comments box below.

  • Jonathan Davies

    Good job guys I like the direction the site is taking, looking forward to seeing what you do with editorial now you have this cool carousel.

  • Love the new look – however it should be ‘its shiny new homepage’ and ‘all its glory’ 😉

    • Jamie

      sorted thanks 😉

  • Kailan

    Thanks for the positive comments. We’re hoping to use the carousel to really open up the community so that new and existing users get access to more great content and support from their peers in every aspect of their life.