Olympic tickets and volunteering dominates discussion with one year to go till London 2012

At the time of writing the countdown to the Olympics is in its final year- 365 days, 4 hours, 45 minutes and 16 seconds to be precise – so we thought we’d find out what’s students are discussing in the official ‘London 2012’ forum.

London 2012Sport has a big place on The Student Room, which we were reminded of this month when the millionth post was made into our Sport forum.

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games forum has only been around since May but has already become a hot topic of discussion with over 450 posts across 15 separate discussions.

The focus has been on tickets as students discussed how they would try and make sure their applications were successful and to find out who actually managed to secure them.

40% of students spent between £100 and £500 on Olympic tickets

Alot has been talked about the method of application with many citing it as a gamblers market where those who could afford to or were most daring had the greatest success. This prompted one user to create a poll to find out how much fellow students had finally ended up spending on these golden tickets.

The other big discussion was around volunteering for the games, which has been viewed 2,200 times since it began in May, as students seek advice on the application process.

“I have an interview on the 10th June. I’m being considered for a role in the Event Services Team and I’m really quite nervous about it. I have no idea what to expect really” crazeesurf

“The whole process is very relaxed and welcoming. The interview is competency based. This means you talk about your past experiences and any skills you have which would make you a good Games Maker. Good Luck !” nitral

We’re looking forward to watching this discussion grow as the excitement for London 2012 builds over the next year and hopefully we’ll have lots of “Gold Medal Winners” discussions to talk about when it’s all over. Fingers crossed!