Tips to gain the loyalty of young consumers that get results

Jack Wallington, Community Director presented at Marketing Week Live 2015 on how best to win over the youth audience

Jack Wallington, youth loyalty

Youth forms the single most switched on, focused, smart and wildly passionate audience with its own cares and issues. Young people do have money to burn, but they are highly selective in terms of where they burn it.

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The Student Room are set to help millions of students over the exam season

With more exams still to come, we’re set to become even busier, breaking more TSR records

Last week we broke our site traffic record with over 400,000 students checking into The Student Room. This was after a day crammed with Maths exams – that’s almost the equivalent of filling Wembley Stadium five times over – generating over 2.1 million page views in a single day! Continue reading

Heist and The Student Room Launch #STUDENTVOICE Award

Does your university marketing match up to reality? Get your students to share their experience if it does.

There will be a unique new category in this year’s prestigious Heist Awards, which for 25 years have recognised the marketing achievements of universities, and are now key a fixture in the education industry calendar.

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Loved by Students Report 2015

The Student Room carried out a survey to uncover the facts about young peoples lifestyle choices based on brands they're buying into and the brands they wish they could.

The Student Room carried out a survey that asked 1,603 14-24 year olds across the UK about brand choices and  it uncovered some interesting findings. Students are saying no to fakery and yes to natural and affordable brands.

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The Secrets of Successfully Converting Students

What factors influence a student's firm and insurance choices? And how should marketers focus their efforts around swinging this decision in their favour.

Universities are allocating more time and money on marketing in order to attract applications from students. Those applications are now in, students have made their five choices and are now tying down which one of these will be their firm and insurance options. But what are the factors that influence this decision? And how should marketers focus their efforts at this crucial time to swing the decision in their favour?

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How to engage someone already engaged in something else.

Jack Wallington, Community Director delivered a key note at YMS 15 providing insights on engaging a youth audience.

We marketers are always so focused on KPI’s, targeting and deadlines, but how many of us stop and think whether we’ve done enough to deserve the attention of  a youth audience.

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The Student Room and World Challenge

What’s the real value of extra-curricular experience when applying to University?

SO what is the real value of extra-curricular experience in the university application process? Our clients, World Challenge, aims to better understand the value with a recent study based on student and university admission team surveys and one-to-one, in-depth interviews with representatives from HE bodies.

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We’re hiring! Finance Assistant – temp to perm

Competitive salary, 26 days holiday (including birthday), private healthcare, contributory pension

Reporting to our Management Accountant, this is a role for someone looking to start or continue a career in Finance, with a strong academic record and the drive to develop.

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