The Student opinion on the Teaching Excellence Framework

With discussions around what constitutes teaching excellence and how best to measure it, there was something missing – The student opinion.

Here at The Student Room, student opinion is at the heart of everything we do. So when the Government announced implementing a teaching excellence framework that will ensure unis focus on the quality of teaching, one thing was missing…

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Options 2015

Now in its third year, Options 2015 provides unique insights into the student decision making journey.

This annual report presents key insights from a survey of school and college leavers on the subject of post-level 3 options and the way they make related decisions.

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Get Revising is now FREE for everyone!

Get Revising, the UK's leading learning website with over 1.4 million members aged 14-24 helps all students achieve better grades by providing FREE learning tools

We’ve seen a massive 400% increase in new registrations since going free compared to this time last year. The Student Room Group now has 21% more UK members aged 14-24 than in September 2014 and we’re growing all the time!

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GCSE results day on The Student Room

With GCSE results day now behind us, TSR takes a look at this year’s results season

With GCSE results day behind us, a nation of hopeful students have opened their results and received their grades, and are now planning their next move. Whether they’re celebrating good results or worrying over where they’re going next, GCSE students have been coming to The Student Room by the hundreds of thousands. Continue reading

Record breaking A-Level results day at The Student Room

With record numbers of students being accepted into university, The Student Room saw massive activity on our biggest day of the year

Amongst recent changes in higher education, and most importantly the removal of admissions caps for universities, record breaking numbers of students have received their results and taken the next steps into university and clearing.
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A-Level results day is almost here!

With only two more days to go, here’s what happened last year and how we’re gearing up to break even more records this year.

Last year’s A-Level results week was a record breaker for us, with more than 1.7 million users visiting the site and over 11 million page views. We had over 395,000 daily visitors, and 145,000 visits just to the UCAS application forum.

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