Young people most susceptible to STIs

New figures released by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) recently shows that young people, and in particular young women, are the most likely to suffer from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The total number of new cases diagnosed in 2009 was 482,696, an increase of 12,000 from the figures from 2008. Continue reading

Student brand loyalty means good business

There’s such a wide range of choice available in the market place these days, no matter what you’re looking for – confectionary, electronic goods, toiletries or clothing are prime examples – it would seem somewhat restrictive sticking just one or two brands. Continue reading

University students fear graduate dead-end

The economic recession of the last few years has already had a severe impact in the work place for thousands of people across the country, with redundancies commonplace, unemployed numbers soaring, and companies as well as families struggling to make ends meat. One demographic that seems to be suffering more than some is young people Continue reading

TSR Research shows young people are not equipped to find work

There are many important characteristics that are necessary for a young person to be able to make the step into employment adroitly. Intelligence, usually measured by exam results, is obviously a major sorting criterion. But such characteristics as confidence, maturity, initiative, good communication skills and reliability are other important attributes that are often looked for by employers. Continue reading

Prospective students want real advice

Thursday’s exam results spell the beginning of the end of the application process for all those students who finished their A2’s this year. But for those in lower sixth form, the whole agonising process of thinking, preparing for and applying for university begins now. With AS results in the bag, and predicted grade tags flying about, the elimination process of working out which universities to consider applying for begins. Continue reading

University is the ‘most influential time of your lives’, say graduates

With A-Level results released today, and huge numbers of young people set to head off to university in the coming months, it should come as good news to them that two thirds of graduates of all ages have attested that university was the most influential period of their lives, ahead of childhood, teenage years, first jobs, and even marriage, shattering the common myth that your childhood years are the best of your life. Continue reading