Pulling a sickie

We’ve all been victim to food poisoning, the flu or some other ailment that won’t kill us but it’s enough to keep us home for a day or two and most would probably spend the day watching day time tv and sleeping it off. However students have been getting more imaginative than that.

A thread titled ‘Things to do when you’re ill’ has been created on The Student Room for students to share their tips on how to pass the time when you’re feeling under the weather. You might (quite rightly) think that if they need ‘things to do’ then they probably don’t need the day off but just in case you were wondering…

6 things students recommend doing when they’re ill

  • Play a computer game
  • Solve a Millennium Prize Problem
  • Go on YouTube
  • Read a book
  • Photoshop your enemy
  • ‘Knit a mohair thong’

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