Record numbers visit The Student Room on A Level results day 2011

A Level Results Day Visits

We can’t say we weren’t expecting it, A Level results day and the clearing period that follows has traditionally always been our busiest time of year as students seek advice from their peers about clearing and celebrate getting into university.

34,036 posts in one day

The main point of call for students on results day was our dedicated Results & Clearing section that contained a wealth of information for A Level students.

For those that had got the grades they needed the University Forums allowed them to meet others starting at the same time before they get to uni and get advice about what to expect at freshers from current students. As well as find out about student bank accounts, accommodation, what to take to uni and living on a budget.

And for those less fortunate there were a huge amount of resources available to make clearing as painless as possible:

324,148 unique visits to The Student Room on results day

Word spread quickly amongst students and through social media (including UCAS Connect) about the resources available on TSR and we had a record number of users online at one time (over 15,000) as well as these record stats:

  • 324,148 unique users (previous record 263,492, 9th August 2011, due to London riots)
  • 512,654 visits (previous record 323,608, 23rd May 2011, UK revision and exam period)
  • 2,246,550 pageviews (previous record 1,825,702, 19th August 2010, A Level results day)

These figures further cement the fact that the world’s largest student site is also THE place that students come to for advice and information at critical times in their life.

Being able to get support from their peers (who they trust) when they need it the most means that important decisions can be made quickly and confidently and we hope that as many as possible have been able to secure a place at university this September.