Say hello to the TSR Student Panel & watch their monthly video blogs

Student Opinion panel

Students come to The Student Room to discuss anything and everything that’s important to them and now our members have the opportunity to share their opinions on video too.

We’ve recruited a representative panel of about 20 students from across the UK. They are made up of current undergrads, students at school doing a-levels and even international students studying in the UK. Every month we will ask our student panel to create a short video blog on a topical issue that is impacting the student community.

The videos will go up on The Student Room to promote discussion with the wider community and we’ll also share them with you here on our Insight website. We hope that each video will give you further insight into the workings of the mysterious student brain and help you get a feel for whats really important to them.

The videos will also do a brilliant job in conveying the creativity, diversity, talent and humour we have within our student community.

Below are some of the ‘audition’ videos sent in to us, in these we asked students to talk about ‘New Year Resolutions’.

Watch this space for more the first videos from the panel which will be on the topic of tuition fees.

No promises but if you’ve got a topic that you’d like us to put to our panel of opinionated students then suggest it in the comments box below.

Jessica (18) – Studying A Levels

Has already broken her New Years Resolutions.

Jake (19) – On a gap year

Has all the stats on New Years Resolutions

Amelia (17) – Studying A Levels

Thinks that New Years Resolutions are designed to fail so avoid them and never feel the “weight of disappointment.”

Nick (20) – On a gap year

“New Years Resolutions are a reminder that we can achieve anything we put our mind to.”

Natalie (18) – Studying A Levels

Once kept her New Years Resolution of being a vegetarian for a grand total of 4 hours and thinks that you shouldn’t wait for 1st January to make changes

Feyikemi (18) – On a gap year

Her New Years Resolution is “To make every today better than every yesterday rather than wait till tomorrow.”