Starbucks is a temptation, but most students choose a brew over a fresh ground bean

With Christmas gone but winter drawing on, a January poll on The Student Room invited members in from the cold to answer the age-old cuppa conundrum: ‘Tea or coffee?’

The results showed that most students favoured tea over coffee by 52% to 38% respectively, with 10% rejecting both.

Although the poll asked what the respondents’ choice would be if they could only have one, tea, coffee or other, the majority of posts were from people who drink both but generally prefer coffee in the morning and tea throughout the day.

‘Tea all the way. I like the sound of all the flavour coffees though, maybe I’ll push the old boat out someday and try one.’

Others preferred tea first thing or just for relaxation but coffee when getting down to work, later in the day, or after dinner.

‘Rich tea biscuits dunked in tea’  /  ’Tea with a digestive’  / ‘Tea with ginger nuts… beautiful’

The tea fans cited advantages such as accompanying biscuits for dunking in tea including digestives, ginger nuts, and rich tea. On the other hand, there was also the temptation of the range of flavoured coffees and Frappuccinos on offer at Starbucks, despite acknowledging the high cream, sugar, and calorie content.

‘Just the thought of a caramel macchiato from starbucks pulsing through my veins is working me up a sweattt’

Among the 10% opting out of either, a favourite alternative was hot chocolate.