Student brand loyalty means good business

There’s such a wide range of choice available in the market place these days, no matter what you’re looking for – confectionary, electronic goods, toiletries or clothing are prime examples – it would seem somewhat restrictive sticking just one or two brands.

Yet a recent discussion on The Student Room shows that many students do retain this sense of brand loyalty, sticking with something they’ve tried and liked, despite the fact that there may be cheaper alternatives. Perhaps they’ve grown up with the brands around their houses, or are just ‘self-conscious’ about the products that they purchase.

The discussion on TSR entitled ‘What product are you most brand loyal to?‘ highlights some trends in the shopping habits of our members.

Below are listed the most mentioned brands from the 10 pages of discussion by our members:

  1. Heinz (24)
  2. Sony, including Sony Ericsson (16)
  3. Apple (15)
  4. Nike (10)
  5. Microsoft (8)
  6. Coca Cola (7)
  7. Colgate (6)
  8. Amazon; Canon; Gillette; Tampax (5)
  9. Kellogg’s; Nokia; Pepsi (4)
  10. Dove; Duracell; Hellman’s; Samsung; Sennheiser; Simple; Tropicana (3)

As you can see, the brand shown the most loyalty from our members was Heinz, with a total of 24 different members stating that they will always buy Heinz for either their beans or their sauces, and in many instances, both. HP sauces, on the other hand, were only afforded two mentions. Toiletries, clothing and other food products all fared less emphatically – presumably due to the vast array of options available, and the different budgets of our consumers. However, notable amongst these was Colgate, whose six loyal customers outnumbered the solitary Aquafresh and Sensodyne users, and Gillette, whose razors and shave foams earn them five loyal customers.

The age old debate of Coca Cola versus Pepsi continues, with Coca Cola coming out on top by seven to four between those who mentioned their loyalty to these products. Another rivalry our members’ loyalty highlighted was that for supremacy in the games console market, with Sony’s Playstation coming in ahead of the Microsoft X-Box, and Nintendo only getting a solitary mention. In the battle of the sportswear brands, Nike left its rivals in the dust, notching up ten loyal customers, to Adidas’ two and Reebok’s one.

Electronic products were those most likely for people to show a distinct loyalty towards, with many users showing a strong loyalty to Sony and Apple products (15 each), while Microsoft trails a little behind (8). For cameras, Canon’s five nominations beats Phillips and Nikon put together (2 and 1 respectively), while in the mobile phones department, Nokia’s four and Samsung’s three puts them ahead of Motorola and Sony Ericsson, each with one fiercely loyal customer from our posters.

Whilst many of our members taking part in the discussion expressed a strong loyalty to certain brands, there are also a lot of savvy young people out there whose main concern is cost, with one user stating that “I’m very disloyal when it comes to brands. Cheap/special offers = win for me.” Others commented on their flexibility, looking for the best value or product, prompting comments such as from another member who said “I will buy from anyone if they have the better product and they don’t have a completely hideous reputation as a company.”

To see whether your brand got a mention, read the discussion What product are you most brand loyal to? Interested in what young people are saying about your company? Then you might be interested in our General Discussion forum, or our Hobbies and Interest forums.