Students and festivals- Do you know what they really get up to?

We were one of the sponsors at Beach Break Live last weekend and Glastonbury is days away so we’re revealing the truth about students use of legal highs, festival romances and more.

We asked over 400 students about their plans for the summer festivals and what they’ve got up to in the past and the biggest reason they have for going to festivals is not to see big name artists (33%) but to discover new music and hear bands, artists and DJ’s they’ve never heard of before (41%).

At Youth Marketing Strategy 2011 we heard about Channel 4’s latest project, UK Tribes, which pointed out that young people don’t like to be grouped and believe themselves to be individuals, which is probably why (according to our survey) their favourite genre of music is ‘Alternative/Indie’.

But as the experts on students we’ve uncovered who they really want to see this summer and it all looks fairly mainstream to me:

  1. Tinie Tempah
  2. Lady GaGa
  3. Muse
  4. White Lies
  5. Magnetic Man

Festival romances

Unlike the student crush on Nick Clegg the¬†overall promiscuity at festivals was relatively low with 14% admitting to getting frisky in a tent but this almost tripled to 41% amongst those that had taken ‘legal highs’ or drugs other than alcohol and cigarettes.

Legal Highs

Overall figures were more encouraging than our previous research on ‘legal highs’ with about 14% admitting to taking them at a festival, a big drop from 32% back in December 2010.

Illegal Drugs

Overall drug use was marginally lower (11%) than it’s legal counterparts but there was a strong correlation between the two with 45% of ¬†those who have taken drugs at festivals saying that they have also taken ‘legal highs’.

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