Students are fired up by the return of ‘The Apprentice’

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Students have swapped the interview chair for the other side of the desk and donned their recruiters’ caps to scrutinise Sir Sugar’s entrepenurial hopefuls, as The Apprentice returns for 2012!

‘Yay, the apprentice is back. Wednesday tv is going to be great!’

In the build up to opening episode of the eighth series, TSR members fired up a new thread on The Student Room to discuss the latest round of candidates hoping to beat the boardroom.

‘I LOVE THE APPRENTICE. Can’t wait to hate everyone.’

  • First Impressions

‘Can’t wait! I always love seeing the pics of the contestants before the show starts…and I think we all make the same judgements year after year!!’

This year’s male contestants aka Team Phoenix: Stephen Brady, Duane Bryan, Michael Copp, Adam Corbally, Tom Gearing, Nick Holzherr, Azhar Siddique

‘They look like a terrible boy band.’

Most of the initial thoughts on the men focused on their lookalikes:

‘…Duane looks a bit like Daniel Sturridge…’ / ‘Nick looks like Charles Pic, the F1 driver.’ / ‘…that Nicholas guy looks like a brunette Bradley James (plays Arthur in Merlin)?’

Additionally, there were obvious references to the similarities in name between the 26 year-old recruitment team leader and the famous Puerto Rican pop sensation:

‘Ricky Martin; I bet he’s going to be living da vida loca’. / ’”I work in recruitment”, could have guessed Ricky.’

This year’s female contestants aka Team Sterling: Biliana Apostolova, Laura Hogg, Jane McEvoy, Jade Nash, Maria O’Connor, Gabrielle Omar, Jenna Whittingham, Katie Wright

Some were impressed with the accomplishments of the youngest contender in the competition, Maria:

‘That’s pretty impressive that they have a 20-year-old on there. She must be the youngest they’ve had so far, no? I’m the same age and haven’t succeeded in anything so far’

As in more conventional routes to employment, others noted that age is not always virtue:

‘Young and old contestants’ ages are usually used against them when they’re called back into the boardroom, unfortunately. He should judge them on their merits and their ages.’

Of course its not just the contestants that make for good viewing, with Nick Hewer’s feedback and facial expressions favoured among student viewers…

‘God I love this show – For both the funnnies and Nick’s facial expression’/ ‘His wit is drier than the Sahara’ /

…while others lamented Margaret Mountford leaving the line up:

‘They need Margaret back.’

But one thing is for sure, students on TSR can’t wait for the boardroom battles to commence!

‘Looking forward to another series, it’s a great way to waste an hour and a half laughing my head off at their antics. The first episode sounds good already.’


  • Smart Student

    I really do love the apprentice! But I think this year is just full of really boring characters!! Don’t you agree?