Students are keen to learn new languages and happy to do it in their own time

The drop in the number of students choosing to study a language at GCSE or A Level has been of concern to politicians, parents and teachers. However there are still many students who are still enthusiastic to learn another language. Discussion on The Student Room has found that many are still interested in languages and want to learn, even if it is in their own time and independently.

They’re utilising a number of resources:

  • Online language websites
  • ‘Teach yourself’ language books and guides
  • YouTube tutorials
  • Mobile applications such as the Busuu mobile application
  • Language packages such as Rosetta Stone
  • Foreign films, books, newspapers, TV programmes, radio stations and music.

Users of The Student Room are interested in learning a variety of languages but the most common are:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Urdu
  • Arabic.

Here are what some of the students have to say about learning a foreign language:

“I’m attempting to learn Hungarian as I’ll be volunteering there next year. My boyfriend is a native speaker and I love the sound of the language so much. I’m aiming to be able to hold at least basic conversations in it.”

“I’ve been learning Spanish by myself for about 3 years. I love this language and I think it’s pretty easy. Last month I had an opportunity (first time ever) to use it, I talked to some Spanish people. I felt so good. Now I want to learn it even more.”

“Waiting to learn Arabic, Russian and Mandarin. Oh, how great it’ll be to be able to speak to so many new people and unlock whole new levels of culture!”

There are also language societies on The Student Room, such as the Spanish Learners’ Society and the Portuguese Learners’ Society, to help connect and engage those students learning a foreign language and enable them to help each other with their learning.