Students discuss A Levels that they enjoy

A Levels are by no means easy.  They can be quite challenging, especially with the amount of content to learn and the significance of grades on students’ university applications and offers.  Despite the difficulty of A Levels, this doesn’t deter students, and on the plus side, students do find many of the subjects they study at A Level rather enjoyable.

Students on The Student Room have been discussing A Level subjects which they enjoy the most. The most enjoyable subjects (in no particular order) are:

  • English – studying and analysing texts
  • Maths – very interesting course, and fantastic teachers teaching the subject
  • Biology – there is a lot of content to learn – keywords, diagrams, facts, statistics, etc – but rather interesting and intriguing
  • History – decent content in the syllabus, inspiring teachers and good structure of syllabus (essays, coursework and exams)
  • Philosophy – same with History.  Interesting course content and inspiring teachers.
  • Psychology – interesting content and topics about how the mind works

What students say about their A-Level subjects


I enjoy Psychology the least. For English Literature we don’t spend as much time on texts this year, so I don’t enjoy them as much. Film Studies is my favourite. Some aspects are difficult, but I enjoy it all the same! This is what I want to do at uni, so [it's] no wonder I enjoy it the most.”


I enjoy Chemistry the most and Biology the least. I want to study Natural Sciences at university. I actually love Biology but I really hate our exam board and the way that the A Level course is taught. I love Chemistry as well, and I enjoy Maths because I have two amazing teachers.”

Students on The Student Room cited the interest and variety of content of their subjects as the main reason why they enjoyed some of their subjects.

However for the least enjoyable subjects, which include Biology, Psychology and Maths, poor teaching and difficulty in understanding the courses have been cited as the reasons for why the subjects are the least enjoyable.