Students Find it, Tweet it, Like it, and then go back to Discuss it

We’ve all seen Twitter’s ‘Tweet’ and Facebook’s ‘Like’ button but what do they do, what happens when students share that latest nugget of information with all their friends or publish it in to the twitterverse? Well when you share info from the world’s biggest student site people come back to get involved in the discussion and give their two cents.

At the beginning of March The Student Room added the ‘Tweet’ and ‘Like’ functions to the site to allow users to share discussions with their wider social networks and get more people involved in the in depth discussions that TSR is famous for.

Predictably that little bird and the thumbs up were in instant use by The Student Room’s 3.5 million, connected 14-26 year olds, eager to share their views and get answers to their questions. Additionally TSR’s own reputation buttons continue to be used as users cast judgement on each others posts.

The result of this has been almost twice as many students going back to The Student Room to get involved in the discussion than the number that shared it initially, which is great for our users as more people are contributing to discussions and offering support on all things studenty.

Ambient traffic is always a welcome bonus but when it ends up returning almost twice as much traffic as went out it’s even better.

With the quick sharing potential of social communities like The Student Room, Facebook and Twitter these findings are great news for those that want to advertise to or engage with students. Not only do you get the benefit of targeting the exact students you want but they’ll encourage others to come and see what you have on offer too.

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  • 1,276 ‘Like’ a thread*
  • 2,196 Come back to TSR to have their say in the discussion*
  • 222 Shared a thread on Twitter**
  • 300 returned to TSR and spent an average of 23mins on the site**

Read a case study on how Salford University benefited from the direct and ambient traffic that The Student Room can provide.

To find out more about how you can take advantage of the 3.5million monthly active members of The Student Room call one of our dedicated account managers on 0800 999 3 222.

*Facebook Insight March 2011
**Google Analytics March 2011