Students go mad over movies

A game of Movie Madness has been setup by moderators on The Student Room to pit the top 64 films, according to IMDB, against each other through 6 rounds of cinematic contest.

64 films.
31 days.
1 winner.
828,205 members.
1 vote each.
Make it count.

Users are urging as many people as possible to get involved and vote for their favourite film with round 1 currently under way.

The organisers have gone to a lot of effort to give films a fair contest by seeding them before matching them up for public scrutiny, which has led to some interesting pairings. How would you vote between some of these:

  • Goodfellas vs Wall.E
  • Forrest Gump vs Toy Story 3
  • The Two Towers vs Leon
  • Rear Window vs Terminator 2 Judgement Day

The full list can be seen in the Movie Madness forum and we’ll keep you updated as each round begins.