Students marvel in anticipation and appreciation at ‘Avengers Assemble’


In the build up to the release of the latest superhero offering on the big screen, ‘Marvel’s Avengers Assemble’, students gathered on The Student Room to share their excitement and predictions, and returned to give their reviews, about whether the latest would-be comic book blockbuster lives up to all its hype.

‘I’m not sure how much you should rely on early reviews and the tossing around of the usual hyperboles but both the reviews and reactions on Twitter have been positively buzzing about the film.’

Just under a week before its UK release on 26th April, students set up an Avengers thread on The Student Room’s Film forum in anticipation of the release of the latest Marvel movie.

‘Can. Not. Wait.’

‘I am SOOO excited about this, been waiting for this for ages. Seeing it on thursday’ ‘

‘Seeing it on Friday – couldn’t come sooner! Great way to reward myself for not handing in all three courseworks that are in for that morning’

Much of the enthusiasm was due to the line-up of high profile actors, in addition to the cult following fostered by the film’s writer and director, Joss Whedon.

‘My anticipation for this movie went from 5/10 to 9.5 because I just found out Joss Whedon is directing!!’

  • A Super-hero’s welcome

‘One word. WOW!’

‘Love love love love love it!’

‘The film was simply orgasmic !’

Following the film’s release last week, students returned to the thread to give their reactions about whether or not it met their expectations, with the thread having receiving 80 posts and counting in three days of frantic feedback.

9/10 – Brilliant, brilliant film, 2hrs+ of superheroes, only loses the mark for the storyline as predicted earlier… though the story itself held up well together, the 3D was impressive in parts, not so in others… Gonna have to rewatch thor and capt. america again now to find the stuff they were linking back to in the film.’

For the most part the reviews were overwhelmingly positive, and included appreciative references to other films in the franchise, as well as commendations based purely on the film’s individual merits.

‘Just saw it, the movie was amazing! Captain America is one of my new fav heroes

‘Good film, a few plot holes… and yes these matter whether it’s a serious or light-hearted film. But overall pretty decent, not at all like the recent Batman productions, though.’

  • Hulk a ‘smash’ hit

Some of the favourite features were the blend of humour and action, and most notably the portrayal of the Hulk.

‘Best line: Hulk SMASH!!!’

‘I went to watch it thinking that Thor would be the best but they all individualy had there own moments, i loved that. But the Hulk was by far my favorite fighter in this… “Puny God”

Many students found the experience so worth the wait that they’re already speculating about the potential of the sequel.

‘I love the way that they managed to fit the comedy in along with the epic action sequences. I love the fact you got to see the heroes battle each other. Mark Ruffalo did a great job taking over as ‘The Hulk’, excited for the second one, or even Iron Man 3… Best 2 hours and 20 minutes of film I ever experienced. Stan Lee you little beast.’

Unfortunately it was not all rave reviews, with a few mild and varied criticisms about the film’s length, and a stronger condemnation of the film’s plot. On the whole, however, the haters were very much in the minority.

‘I really liked it, though, I thought it was a bit rushed, too much happened in a really short period of time’

‘OK film, nothing special for me. Felt too long. It was 5/10 all the way through until those 2 hilarious parts with the Hulk at the end. The hype is completely over the top IMO.’

  • Special effects

‘Anyone else see it in 3D? I’m not usually a fan of it but it went so well with the film.’

‘Just got back from seeing it in IMAX 3D, well worth it. The final battle is so huge it needs the largest screen possible. Plus Hulk is so awesome he needs to be big and 3D.’

In order to accommodate the movie’s larger-than-life heroes and epic battle sequences, some opted for 3D and even IMAX screenings. Nevertheless, despite these special measures to make the most of the special effects, some cinema-goers could still not be won over, which those in awe of ‘Avengers Assemble’ could only attribute to not having a taste for it going in.

‘…I was dragged along by flatmates, it really was crap on 3d especially.’

‘If you’d chosen to see it then I’d suspect you may have a different opinion. The fact that you had no interest in seeing Earth’s Mightiest Heroes get together probably plays a bigger part in why you disliked it than it’s actual quality.’

‘…I was a bit underwhelmed because of all the hype of some people and there was only slight differences in the 3D version,but it’s still a great film nonetheless. And Tony Stark is just pure win

  • ‘Great film, everybody go and see it!’

The general consensus was that the film, with its big name stars and big scale scenes, did not disappoint. The rave reviews of their peers have already encouraged other TSR members to check out the film, which has served as a welcome appetiser for student film fans ahead of two other big releases in the superhero/comic book genre due out this Summer.

‘Please put spoiler alerts for EVERYTHING people! I wasn’t very enthused about it, but reading these fabolous reviews, i can’t wait! Opening near me on Wednesday’

This film looks brilliant, 3 great superhero films coming out this year, this, new Spiderman and Dark Knight Rises.’


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