Students Pick Peanut Butter as their @KitKat Chunky Champ

TSR members have been ‘taking a break’ to participate in the latest Kit Kat promotion and have voted the limited edition peanut butter flavour as their Chunky of choice.

Following the launch of the latest Kit Kat Chunky (KKC) promotion, The Student Room’s members have dedicated a thread to asking ‘Who gets YOUR vote?

‘This is the best thing ive heard in ages!’ / ’I haven’t tried any yet but I want them ALL!’

The ‘Choose A Chunky Champion‘ promotion asks consumers to vote for or loyally purchase their favourite limited edition KKC flavour, then the most popular will join the range permanently. In addition, for every vote cast on Facebook there is the chance to win £100 in the daily draw.

Has to be Peanut Butter or White Chocolate, but then I haven’t even tried the double chocolate. All I know is that they’re going to make so much money over the next few weeks.’

In the poll on The Student Room, KKC Peanut Butter was the clear winner closely followed by White, with KKC Orange leaving a bitter taste in last place.

  1. Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter (42%)
  2. Kit Kat Chunky White (28%)
  3. Kit Kat Chunky Double Choc (17%)
  4. Kit Kat Chunky Orange (13%)

‘I agree… that the peanut butter one is a bit greasy … it’s a shame they’ve changed the recipe as I liked the older version’.

Conversely, there was disappointment among some that the peanut butter recipe has changed for the worse. Others were concerned that two of the flavours are allegedly not suitable for vegetarians (Orange and Peanut Butter).

‘I know what I’m spending this week’s food money on…’

Many were encouraged to put their money where their mouth is and buy the whole range in order to perform an objective ‘taste off’.

‘I bought all 4 this morning and can reveal that the winner is peanut butter… (with double choc a close second.)’

Those not satisfied with the Chunky choices in store made new suggestions:

‘If they’re going to do another, I think they should do a cherry and dark chocolate variety.’     /    ’I still think they should do a Mint Chocolate variety.’

The promotion closes on 24th February, when one of the four will be hailed as the ‘Chunky Champion’.

‘What annoys me though is they have to have a competition to see which one stays, why can’t they just make them all permanent?’


  • MC Chunky

    Peanut Butter is the lamest flavour I had ever saw, I’m voting for Double Chocolate now that’s a real nice flavour and it’s really new for the first time unlike the others, the other three were already been short lived before years ago.