Students reconsider higher education

Results from The Student Room survey on ‘Student Response to the Independant Review on Higher Education & Student Finance’ show that should the proposals be accepted the majority of prospective students will have to take a long hard look at their options for higher education.

We have collected a few of the key findings along with student responses for you to see for yourself what students think about the proposed changes.

  • 43 % of students won’t go to uni if their is a significant rise in tuition fees

“I’ve said yes, but that’s depending on how “significant” the increase is. Too much, and as much as I’ll try to make it work, it just might not happen.” – TSR member

  • 35% of middle class students are unsure if they will be able to follow in the footsteps of their graduate parents
  • 50% don’t have a clue what they would do if they didn’t go to university

“As my intended career involves UG followed by a Doctorate, I’d have to seriously re-evaluate my whole future.” – TSR member

  • Over 80% don’t believe that the alternatives to university are made clear enough
  • Over 65% are likely to consider studying in Scotland
  • Almost 60% will consider going to the USA
  • Over 50% are likely to live or consider living at home and studying at a local university

“People wouldn’t be able to afford it. They would have to live at home rather than live on campus, which is part of the university experience” – TSR Member

Lord Browne will be LIVE discussing the review directly with students on 13 October, 5 – 6pm, in a dedicated University Funding Review forum and the full results of this survey will be made available later this week.

If you would like to talk directly to students willing to coment on the review then send us a message via the contact us form and sign up for our Insight newsletter to keep up to date with the latest student opinions and attitudes towards Education, Careers & Employment and Student Lifestyle.