Students rush to gain entry before university fees rise

As the threat of rising university fees seems imminent, a record number of students have already submitted their applications than ever before at such an early stage but what will happen to those who don’t get a place before the fees rise?

The review by Lord Browne into HE fees and funding sparked a huge debate on the world’s largest student network, The Student Room, with over 4000 posts into the dedicated forum and over 1300 responding to the TSR Survey.

Figures from UCAS show that students are rushing to apply for 2011 entry to avoid the potential higher fees.

  • 74,234 applications were completed by the mid October Oxbridge deadline
  • 3,007 more than last year
  • Number of applicants without a university place is expected to rise to over 220,000 next year
  • Unlimited tuition fees recommended by Lord Browne
  • £7,000 cap being considered by Vince Cable

It was largely expected that their would be a rise in applications this year but whatever the fee increase, it is almost certain that 2012 submissions will not continue the upward trend of the past as The Student Room survey found.

  • 40% will reconsider going to university
  • 73% would consider studying abroad
  • 50% of students don’t know what they will do if they don’t go to university
  • 80% don’t think that the alternatives to university are clear enough

It will therefore be more important than ever to provide school leavers with alternative options to university, emphasis on distance learning courses such as those with the Open University or vocational options such as apprenticeships could thrive.

Users of The Student Room have contributed to over 40,000 discussions in our Careers and Employment forum and the majority (77%) have expressed that they would welcome official representatives from organisations, providing relevant information and engaging with them on the site.