Students seek advice from their peers as they move to the next level of their education

Following the record numbers of visitors on the site for results day and clearing the discussion in September focussed on back to school with students searching for advice for the start of their GCSEs, A-Levels and for many of our users, university. The Student Room’s guide to university has proved extremely popular amongst students and we saw many sharing it with others via twitter and facebook.

“It’s unique because it’s created for students by students and is updated throughout the year to reflect what students really need when they start university”

Once again we had over 4.2 million unique visitors to the site, as it maintains it’s status as the world’s largest online student community.

This is great news for universities, school leaver and graduate recruiters and advertisers who want to target the youth market because the more students we get the further your marketing budget can go.

Not only do we have millions of students on the site each month but the diversity of our users and the discussions that they take part in means that we can help you target the students you need in their community at a time when their actively making decisions.

There’s been a change in focus with August being all about results and clearing but once decisions were made about clearing attention turned to enjoying the rest of the summer and preparing for freshers week.

The top 10 forums in September 2011*:

  1. A-Levels, ASs, A2s, VCEs – 22,285 posts
  2. Games and Competitions – 20,473 posts
  3. Religion – 18,917 posts
  4. Current Affairs – 15,726
  5. Football – 13,432 posts
  6. Medicine – 13,032 posts
  7. Society – 11,938 posts
  8. General University Discussion – 11,396 posts
  9. Relationships – 11,389 posts
  10. Advice on Everyday Issues – 9,630 posts

The strong reputation of UK universities abroad has also meant a steady growth in global visitors to The Student Room as international students seek out their peers for information on what cities are best to live in and what universities can offer foreign students.

Notably the interest from Australian, Indian and German students has grown significantly over the past 3 months.

The top 10 international visits to The Student Room in September 2011*:

  1. USA – 494,969
  2. Canada – 108,545
  3. Australia – 106,202
  4. India – 98,323
  5. Singapore – 56,123
  6. Republic of Ireland – 53,677
  7. Malaysia – 48,318
  8. Germany – 48,213
  9. Hong Kong – 39,423
  10. France – 38,327

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*Data provided by Google Analytics (September 2011)