Students vote for their favourite fast food

Food has always been a popular theme on the student room so it’s not surprising that a poll has been created to find the definitive fast food for students.

McDonalds used to be the place to go for that quick meal at lunch, the treat after football or the host of many 9 year olds birthday parties.

But this latest student poll shows that times have changed and KFC is currently leading the race with over 21% of the votes whilst McDonalds chases with 16% and Burger King languishing behind with only 11%.

Chinese and Indian takeaways put up a strong fight with 13.5% each whilst the pizza chains of Dominoes and Pizza Hut are relegated to the bottom of the pile along with Saturday night favourite, Kebabs.

However the win for KFC is short lived, there may be almost 12,000 mentions of KFC on The Student Room but McDonalds more than triples that with over 39,000 mentions, including 8,234 in the Part-Time and Temporary Employment forum.

There are over 8,000 different discussions in the Food and Drink forum, including 3 of the most popular threads that have had almost 200,000 views between them:

Time for lunch, but will it be KFC? McDonalds? Or maybe… Pompoko?