Students weigh up the pros and cons of public sector jobs

Recent research by totaljobs reveals that 2012 points to a further decline in employee morale in the public sector.

This information presents the worrying concern that more individuals no longer see the public sector as an attractive career path. The survey also revealed that more than half of those working in the public sector regard morale as low with only one in six employees seeing it as high.

40% of those employed in the area claim that it is no longer regarded as an attractive career destination and close to two thirds of its employees believe that the perception of the public sector by the general public has also further declined.

The impression that the general public is no longer as supportive means that it may seem even less endearing as a career choice. The undermining of the area and of general morale is put down even further due to more pay freezes, job cuts and changes to pensions and benefits.

Advice for students interested in the public sector focused on the various routes into the area, and its general pros and cons as a career path:

‘Join an agency, for temporary type roles its more cost effective for them to recruit staff that way. Certain agencies have contracts with a particular local authority etc.’

‘There are probably more temporary agency based public sector admin roles these days than there used to be because they are much less likely to recruit permanent staff due to cut (and declining) budgets.’

‘If you are just doing admin in the public sector though don’t expect it to be a bed of roses, I know you hear stuff about how public sector workers get great pay and superb pensions that they can retire on at 55, but this is basically doctors, headteachers, senior police officers, etc, public sector admin is a life of low pay and measly pension.’

There has been much debate on the best methods to retain expertise and talent in the public sector and keep it an attractive prospect to today’s job seekers. The presence of a thriving public sector is essential for the economy as a whole and a newly structured graduate  scheme is one step towards improving matters here.

However, the  issue of job security is still a major deterrent for jobseekers despite there being opportunities for very rewarding careers in this sector.

Do you think that the public sector has lost its appeal to the next generation of graduates? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment box below…