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Students and Finance – The questions being asked

Banks, loans and credit cards is what students are talking about now on The Student Room. With the beginning of a new year, students are eager to learn how they will finance their time away from home.

For many fresher’s this is their first time away from home and the first time they will need to buy many of the essentials for themselves. But these fresher’s are not alone, as last year’s students went through the same thing and are offering advice on The Student Room. Continue reading

Find out the tech brands students can’t stop talking about

With only a few weeks until the new uni year, students are filling their bags with brand-new laptops, phones, tablets and other much-needed gadgets. A recent report by the BBC showed that laptop sales rose 50% in the week following A-level results.

This fresher-fuelled surge in sales is “mini-Christmas” for tech retailers; it’s become the second biggest peak in annual demand. Continue reading

Students vote to bring back Vanilla Coke

Introduced to the UK in 2003, Vanilla Coke was a bold move for The Coca Cola Company that paid off in the first year, however due to falling sales the soft drink only lasted 3 years in the UK market. Now students are calling for it to return… Continue reading