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Find out the tech brands students can’t stop talking about


With only a few weeks until the new uni year, students are filling their bags with brand-new laptops, phones, tablets and other much-needed gadgets. A recent report by the BBC showed that laptop sales rose 50% in the week following A-level results.

This fresher-fuelled surge in sales is “mini-Christmas” for tech retailers; it’s become the second biggest peak in annual demand. Continue reading

Engaging with students online: a few faux pas

In the previous post, our Engagement Manager Chris McNair shared his thoughts on how best to engage with students via social media.

Chris is lovely, but he is nothing if not honest. When we cornered him to get his thoughts on engagement, he not only talked about what works when reaching out to our members but also what makes him cringe. Here are a few of the things on that list…

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Students reveal how they would improve Starbucks

Students are well known for their high caffeine intake, whether it be from an energy drink like Red Bull or a daily Starbucks hit, however research on The Student Room has revealed that the coffee shops still haven’t got it right as students discuss how they would improve their local coffee shop…

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Student protests and social media

24th November saw the second wave of student protests, this time national, seeking to inform the world of their frustration with the rise in tuition fees and predictably the 21st century generation looked to social media to organise their fellow students and keep them updated with the days events. Continue reading

Students vote to bring back Vanilla Coke

Introduced to the UK in 2003, Vanilla Coke was a bold move for The Coca Cola Company that paid off in the first year, however due to falling sales the soft drink only lasted 3 years in the UK market. Now students are calling for it to return… Continue reading