Tea, Coffee, Wine – 3 things that students hate not loving

Do you ever see people enjoying something and you’d love to join in but you just can’t stand it, karaoke maybe? Well students have been discussing the food and drink they wish they could enjoy but hate it too much.

Various fruit and veg featured heavily in this thread but the big 3 were tea, coffee and wine. The main reason students wished they could enjoy them was to appear more sophisticated and grown up. The same was true for olives and cheese.

“I really want to like drinking coffee, just so i can feel sophisticated and grown up” Emma.x

One of the biggest surprises in the 20+ strong list was ice cream, specifically chocolate, for lacking any similarity in flavour to actual chocolate.

More predictably was the list of fruit and veg that made up half of the list with mushrooms and tomatoes the least popular.

“I just can’t join in with everyone else with their fancy coffees at Starbucks” -aimz

The interesting thing about this thread is not that students hate certain foods but that they want to like them and many are trying to force themselves to develop a taste for them as they believe ‘it would make life easier.’