The 3 P’s of the Pre-University Summer: Pass, Party, Prepare

As results day, sixth form and college fade into a distant memory, and the post-partying reality sets in, students with accepted places at university are turning to The Student Room to ask their peers’ advice on how best to prepare and – perhaps more importantly – what to pack!

Results day has finally come and quickly gone and for those students feeling elated rather than deflated about their A-level achievements, the time is finally here to prepare and purchase those must-have items to help them through their first year of uni and potentially first time living away from home.

Students have been posting across a range of The Student Room‘s wide range of forums looking for help and advice about their chosen accommodation, purchasing laptops, and even what kind of plates and bowls to buy!

Looking first at what to pack, many freshers are listening to the advice of those who went before them and looking to purchase new all-in-one printers, and pack their Playstation, Xbox or both!

Students cite bright colours and unusual designs as key for identifying their bowls and plates from those of their peers, and named the top shops as Argos value range for price, and Ikea and Wilkinson for value and variety of colours.

Suggestions for things to take to uni you wouldn’t of thought about include full-length mirrors for getting ready for nights out, first aid kits (mainly including hangover/headache relief!), oven gloves, and a doorstop, with no doubt more suggested odds and ends to follow.

Others considering the practicalities of actually moving their stuff to residential halls are instead aiming to take as little as possible, perhaps hoping their new found friends will have it covered and also reminding themselves that university cities have shops too!