The future is bright(er) for unemployed graduates

More than one in two students and graduates, who responded to GRB’s latest poll, believe that the media does not provide a fair representation of the graduate job market at the moment. This alarming revelation flies in the face about what has been widely reported about graduate unemployment!

“We speak to graduates every day and they are surprised when we introduce really good, well paid graduate jobs to them!” says Dan Hawes, GRB Co-Founder. This has led to some interesting behaviour in reaction to the media’s mixed messages – those that are firing off hundreds of CVs or those that are resigned to waiting out the situation until the economy improves.

“In our experience we have many clients with vacancies for graduates across the country. We can’t understand why high calibre graduates are finding it hard. Sure the employers are able to call the shots and expect higher grades but the number of 2.1’s awarded has risen too. To see supply and demand increase in equal measure is unusual but graduates are unfortunately giving up at the first hurdle based on what they read or hear.”

In fairness to journalists, the economy is in a state of flux and the jobs market is therefore particularly difficult to read these days. Last week AGR published the results of their most recent survey that represents the bulk of large scale graduate recruiters in the UK. This showed that last year the graduate market expanded by almost 10% when in the previous report the prediction was for a decline in the market. Such is the volatility of the graduate market!

Is there a message in all of this for Class of 2011? Of course! Firstly, do your homework and talk to the real experts on the jobs market rather than take too much notice of the headline writers (who will always look for the most sensational angle to draw attention to stories). Your careers service advisers are much more likely to paint an accurate picture of the market as will the team at GRB.

Then, don’t take the improved graduate jobs market as a sign to take your foot of the accelerator when it comes to job search. Employers are still able to pick and choose candidates so competition for the best jobs will remain high in 2011 and the emphasis should remain on quality applications rather than the quantity.

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  • Harold

    Thanks for the advice. I was still under the impression that graduate jobs are scarce.. But this sure is good news.

    Only when I approached one of the recruitment agents, they said that only selected graduates are welcomed to consult.. which was a big put off..

    Thought I’ll just share. :)