The Secrets of Successfully Converting Students

What factors influence a student's firm and insurance choices? And how should marketers focus their efforts around swinging this decision in their favour.

Universities are allocating more time and money on marketing in order to attract applications from students. Those applications are now in, students have made their five choices and are now tying down which one of these will be their firm and insurance options. But what are the factors that influence this decision? And how should marketers focus their efforts at this crucial time to swing the decision in their favour?

The Student Room conducted a survey asking 500 students about the things that matter most to them at this stage in the university selection process and these where the key findings:

YellowStar1 What separates their firm and insurance choices?

YellowStar1 Who are the main influences on this decision?

YellowStar1 What sources of information do they use to make up their mind?

YellowStar1 How well do they think Universities are communicating with them?

The report, available to download below also features advice from some of the specialists here at The Student Room

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The Secrets of Successfully Converting Students Report

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