The Student Room acquires Get Revising and Connect Publications

The Student Room, the UK’s largest student community website today announces the acquisition of Get Revising ( and Connect Publications. The websites form part of TSR Learning, The Student Room’s new social learning division set up to support secondary and higher education students with their studies.

Founded in 2008 and 2002 respectively by Teacher Peter Langley, Get Revising and Connect Publications have grown to offer over 600,000 students support with their exam preparation. Students can create revision timetables and share academic word searches, revision notes and quizzes.

The Student Room community ( was established 10 years ago. It has grown to receive 4.5 million student visitors a month who come to get help with their studies, academic choices, debate, have fun and make friends.

Pete Barnes, Finance and Operations Director of The Student Room has been appointed Managing Director of the new division. Peter Langley joins The Student Room as Learning Product Development Director for TSR Learning, aiding in its development.

On the acquisition Pete Barnes said “At The Student Room we feel peer to peer support is an important tool in helping students succeed and achieve their potential.

Bringing together the UKs largest social community for students with these great social learning tools is an exciting prospect. Working together with Get Revising and Connect Publications I know that we can take online education in the UK to a new level whilst enjoying the journey.”

What students think about the acquisition?

We asked Student Room members about the acquisition their comments can be soon here

“I like this. In fact I really like this… Far too many websites develop with minimal interaction and advice from the everyday user (Facebook for one) and including us, such as with this thread, will be great.” Champagne Supernova

Following the acquisition Chris Newson, Chief Executive of The Student Room, announced the new direction for The Student Room Group to its 900,000 + members and moderators and has made himself available to answer students’ questions.

“Excellent I’m looking forward to the changes” MyselfEtAl

The feedback has been fantastic with the new idea of ‘social learning’ being a particular highlight for students who have come to the site to get help with their studies and have stayed to debate, discuss, have fun and make friends.

Others have gone further with one moderator enquiring as to whether ‘we could get the Department for Education to endorse some of these sites’

It’s an exciting time for TSR and with a focus on recognising the importance of its community there will be plenty more updates to come in the near future.

Watch this space!