The Student Room Christmas Quiz


It’s getting very close to Christmas and across the country trees are being decorated and people are rushing around to find the perfect gift. But do you ever wonder what students are up to. Take a minute for our Christmas quiz and find out how well you know students?


  1. What % of students will attend an organised religious event for Christmas?
  2. What % of students ‘LOVE’ Brussels sprouts?
  3. What are the top 5 things on students’ Christmas wish list this year?
  4. How much money will students spend on Christmas presents?
  5. What % of students do their Christmas shopping online?

It might not be ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’ but how do you think you’ve done? Do you feel that you know the student market or will you be surprised by the answers.

Scroll down to find out how well you know students then click here for the full results from our Christmas survey.

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  1. 21% of students will attend an organised religious event this Christmas
  2. 43% of students love Brussels sprouts and the other 57% hate them
  3. The top 5 things that students want for Christmas are 1. Clothes, 2. Money, 3. Books, 4. Cosmetics and 5. DVD’s
  4. 56% of students will spend at least £50 on Christmas presents this year
  5. 75% of students will buy Christmas presents online

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