The Student Room finds students for 1000heads


Word of mouth and social media specialists, 1000heads utilised The Student Room’s extensive online community to find the students they needed for a study of teenagers’ own learning initiatives and motivations. This case study shows how The Student Room worked with them to help meet their objectives.

Client: 1000heads

Campaign Type: Audience research- Gaining insight on teenagers’ needs regarding learning initiatives.

What they wanted: To recruit 20 ‘chatty’ students from outside London to attend an online focus group and a further 10 from the capital to attend a real face to face focus group.

How they did it: The Student Room setup a private online discussion thread, which was used to identify members who met 1000heads selection criteria. We then contacted these members on behalf of the client and invited them to take part in either the online or real world focus group with incentives provided by TSR.

The focus groups themselves were managed by 1000heads but the TSR’s crack team of technical experts were always available to provide support, as and when it was needed. In addition to the focus groups, 1000heads (‘The Word of Mouth People’) made use of WOMTrak™, their ‘proprietary end-to-end solution for gathering, analyzing and reporting on expressed conversation, to analyse online conversation.

What they achieved: Siobhan Curtis, ARM Strategy Director, said that the results were “great stuff the online focus group exceeded expectations and in a single week 14 seperate discussion threads were setup, which generated 505 responses from 21 individual contributors.”

The offline focus groups also provided the client with a wealth of  qualitative insight as well as enough relevant data for 1000heads to deliver a ‘well-formed white paper which analysed and studied the behaviours and motivations of teenagers with regards to their own learning initiatives’

What did the client think?

“TSR were an absolute pleasure to work with!

At the time, the offline focus group was not a service offered, however TSR went the extra mile to accommodate our needs and provide alternative solutions to any issues raised throughout the process. The moderator experience of the online discussion thread was great; simple to use and easy to understand.

Client services were exceptional and working in that area ourselves, we know how difficult it can be sometimes when coping with shifting demands.

TSR are recommended by 1000heads and we look forward to working together again!”

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