The Student Room gets even bigger, next stop world domination

The world’s largest student network continues to grow as more and more students flock to the student community to discuss everything from Top Shop to Pythagoras, get advice on relationships and UCAS applications and find out what people think of the latest must have item on the high street.

The news comes at a time when social media is being talked about more and more everyday and an increasing number of organisations are searching for the best way to create a valuable brand presence in social communities.

Last month’s statistics for The Student Room show why the growth in social media marketing mean it should be a part of all organisations’ promotional strategy, particularly those targeting the student and youth market who spend more time online than any other demographic:

  • Over 5.8 million visits to The Student Room
  • 2.9 million unique users of the site
  • Over 27 million page views
  • Over 11,000 new members registered
  • Over 20,000 new discussions started

This is fantastic news for all current and future clients of the popular student network as the increase in visitors means easier targeting of the youth and student market. And with The Student Room’s reputation for quick sharing of information between its members it won’t take long before everyone is talking about your brand.

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