The Student Room helps over 10,000 university applicants write personal statements

In 2005 The Student Room setup the Personal Statement Help service, designed for students applying to university to get help from their peers who have already written successful personal statements.

All of the reviewers are either current university students or graduates and the service is completely run by students and graduates for future students.

The service has been well received by students and in December 2010 TSR service reviewed their 10,000th personal statement, which means that to date over 10,000 students have benefited from the service.

The milestone highlights the unique factor of The Student Room where students benefit from peer support and how they engage with other users at a more involved level than most social networks.

What does Personal Statement Help offer students?

  • Set up in 2005 to review applicants UCAS personal statements by peers who have been through the process themselves
  • It’s totally private where only the reviewers can see what someone uploads
  • The reviewers are existing university students or graduates, some of which have admissions experience. Complete run by students and graduates for future students
  • Each new reviewer is given a mentor and goes through a brief training period where they get help and assistance. They must ‘graduate’ this process to be able to review statements on their own
  • Someone uploads their first draft and the reviewers give advice on spelling, grammar, wording, structure and content based upon the course and institutions the applicant is applying for. The applicant can then write a redraft based on the advice.
  • Where possible a subject specialist gives the review#
  • PS Help has now exceeded 10,000 reviews (and therefore helped over 10,000 applicants) since the creation of PS Help in 2005

The Student Room also attracts over 3 million unique monthly users for a variety of reasons, some looking for advice on their careers, others about what university is best for a certain course and some just want to know what other students think about a new hair product or gadget they want to buy.

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