The Student Room launches the TSR Ski & Snowboard Trip 2012

In a first for a community of this size the world’s largest student site has announced plans to take students from all over the country on a trip to The Alpes. It’s not everyday that a web community gets together for a holiday but members are excited about the prospect of making new friends and meeting up with their peers from all over the country.

Since the trip was announced the dedicated TSR Ski & Snowboard Trip forum has been full of discussion as members are eager to find out more about the trip and who else is going.

Some like SnoochToTheBooch had the same concern:

“god I would love to do this but I’m new to this forum and don’t know anyone on it.”

but due to the unique community spirit of The Student Room these fears were quickly laid to rest


You should go. Meeting a whole load of people you’ve never heard of before is honestly so much more fun than hanging around with the same people :)

After just 3 weeks the forum has generated 374 posts from students interested in the trip and over 10,500 views of the forum, with discussion ranging from general chat and FAQs, to that age old debate Skis vs Snowboards, a Ski Gear Swap Shop and a specific thread for all those that would love to go but don’t know anyone.

The trip will run from the 30th March to 7th April to the French resort of Alpe d’Huez and as word spreads some are already asking when the next trip will be.

Interested in getting involved as a sponsor of one of the biggest student ski trips of the season contact Kailan on 0800 999 3222