The Student Room partners with MTV on online show ‘The Freshers’


The Student Room is pleased to be working with Tom Thurlow the brains and brawn behind the MTV web show ‘The Freshers’.

The weekly web series The Freshers sees Tom travel around the nations university campuses asking new freshers a host of saucy, probing questions.

The Student Room has set up a Fresher group for the series and is hosting the series trailer on it’s Freshers page

In return MTV is linking back to The Student Room from the main show page shown below:

Marketing Director at The Student Room Jamie O’Connell commented “We’ve known Tom for several years now since he started the Meet the Freshers show on Bebo. We’re very pleased to support him with this project and we hope people enjoy the programme. We feel Tom should be getting his own panel show on channel 4, surely the call is imminent!”