TSR TIMES sent to members of the world’s largest student site

This week The Student Room sent out the first issue of it’s new monthly newsletter, the TSR TIMES, to around 600,000 registered members.

TSR Times NewsletterTSR Times is very much a community newsletter, bringing together highlights from the previous month on The Student Room – The world’s largest student community.

In keeping with the community aspect of the site, the name TSR Times was chosen in a site wide survey back in the summer.

Regular features (again asked for by members of TSR in that summer survey) will be:

  • Awards for member of the month – mod of the month, member of the month and study help MOTM
  • Member shout outs
  • Features (linked to the newsletter theme) like the TSR Ski & Snowboard trip
  • Hot forum threads
  • Members showing off their ‘skills’ in Creative Corner

It’s a perfectly formed collection of cool stuff from all our members and will continue to grow and evolve as we ask members what they think of it.

Initial feedback and response has been positive; to quote one of our very sensible moderators…MHorman

“TSR Times about to be read with a cup of tea… It was interesting”

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For further information about sponsorship of the TSR TIMES call your account manager on 0800 999 3222