The Student Room site statistics – October 2010

2.8million graph

The past month has seen one of the biggest changes to the education system in recent history and the student community have been given a lot to think about regarding their future.

As always when something big happens in the world of students, The Student Room is where the top discussions occur and over the past month students have had a lot to talk about. Following the Lord Browne review of HE funding and fees we had the man himself live on-site answering students’ questions in a dedicated forum, which has 8,500 posts to date.

The end of September saw us hit our highest ever number of unique visitors on the site as we hosted 2.9 million students on the site in one month.

Over 4 million visits to The Student Room per month

This growth did not go unnoticed as The Student Room was selected as one of the most active communities on the internet by Randall Munroe, creator of the XKCD webcomic. To be recognised on the same page as Facebook and Twitter is a great sign of the success we’re having at TSR and it happened again two weeks later.

Over 20 million page views per month

On 18th October at the UCAS Conference: Social Web Is About The People NOT The Technology, The Student Room was recognised as being one of 6 recommended social media platforms for Higher Education marketing and just 4 days later we applied some long awaited upgrades to the sites features and functionality to make it even better.

The 21st October site upgrade has provided our users with some great new features such as Photo Albums and Social Groups as well as new, improved post rating and search functionalities designed to improve students engagement with the site so that they stay on it for longer and spend more time engaging with the brands that advertise with us.

Over 10,000 membership registrations per month

The follow up to the Browne review was the seemingly inevitable protests; based on the reaction we were seeing on The Student Room, with students rushing to gain entry to university before fees rise and many indicating that the fee increase would affect their vote, which was later confirmed by a TSR poll.

The Demo Lition 2010 protests in London hijacked the front pages of both local and national newspapers as students sought to have their voice heard and the world’s largest student site has hosted almost 2000 posts from students giving their opinion of the protest, as well as creating a Demo 2010 social group for the event.

Our month ended with yet more excitement as we introduced four Account Managers to our team to improve on a commitment to clients that we can provide the specialist expertise needed to market to students and give them a competitive edge that is vital in the world of social media marketing.

We’re sure that next month will bring just as much exciting Insight in to the world of students (like working with MTV) and if you want to keep up do date with the student community then make sure you sign up for our monthly Insight Newsletter. This will bring you regular updates about the current trends of students in a number of sectors, including recruitment, education, student lifestyle and the public sector.