The Student Room’s celebrating it’s 10th birthday

TSR 10th Birthday Logo

10 years ago UK-Learning was launched with a discussion section and essay bank, which became whilst the former has grown to become the world’s largest student site.

The Student Room is celebrating this month and there are lots of fun things happening including:

  • Birthday logo competition
  • Birthday cake bake-off
  • TSR through the ages
  • Q&A with the site’s founder and other directors
  • and a Did you know? thread uncovering some TSR secrets

The site has come along way from it’s humble beginnings as in 2002 the most users online at one time was just 67 but that record now stands at a staggering 14,190 with over 4.5 million unique visitors to the site each month!

However despite it’s size the site is still very much a community, which is reflected in the fact that users were invited to design the birthday logo (the winning entry above was just 5 years old when the site was created) and some of those who joined in with #LoveTSR on Twitter were rewarded with birthday presents of their own.

Birthday celebrations are set to continue throughout the month, both on the site with the much anticipated Q&A, which sees the site’s founder return to chat with users, and across Twitter with the #LoveTSR hash tag.

10 other things that happened in 2001

  • British sitcom The Office began
  • Foot and mouth disease hit Britain
  • Sven Goran Eriksson became England Manager
  • Peter Mandelson resigned (again!)
  • Dennis Tito became the first space tourist
  • Protester throws an egg at then Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott
  • John Prescott punches protester
  • Carol Vorderman releases a ‘guide to the internet for you and your family’
  • Wikipedia was launched
  • First iPod released