Top Ten Student Brands: What makes them ‘like’ you?

Research by The Student Room and the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) has revealed the top brands that students follow on social networks. The top 10 are not necessarily students ‘favourite’ brands but the ones that have managed to captivate the student audience to actively, to use the Facebook term, ‘like’ them.

The research conducted at the end of 2010 of over 1000 students on The Student Room found that over 80% have seen brands advertising on social sites with almost a third of students following them.

The biggest factors to get students to ‘like’ your brand are discounts (35.2%), exclusive content (29.5%) and competitions (24.3%) with the same reasons being given as ways that brands could encourage students to follow them in the future.

The top 10 brands that students follow and why

  1. Topshop/Topman “Quality, fashion forward, cheap”
  2. ASOS “Stylish, affordable, easy to use website, student discount”
  3. Jack Wills “Quality, stylish, comfortable, exclusive”
  4. New Look “Inexpensive, fashionable, stylish”
  5. Abercrombie & Fitch “Unique, good quality, fashionable”
  6. River Island “Good quality, trendy, affordable”
  7. Adidas “Cool, reliable, classic”
  8. Nike “Cool brand and adverts, quality, durable, comfortable”
  9. Apple “Good design, quality, reliable, cool, expensive”
  10. Ben & Jerry’s “Tasty food, quality ingredients”

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