Top Ten Student Insights from 2010 to use in 2011

It’s just 3 days till Christmas and 9 till the new year, when people will be making new years resolutions and probably breaking them within a week. But back in January The Student Room’s resolution was to setup a site that provided the most relevant and useful student Insight that we could find and share it with businesses, and guess what we’ve kept to it.

Now we’ve got our top ten student Insights from 2010 that will help you keep your resolutions in 2011.

10. The best and worst things about university open days

Students identify what universities are doing right and areas that need improvement. Vital information for undergraduate recruiters looking to get the best students applying for their institution. Read more.

9. Student’s online spending habits

It used to be thought that students lived off tins of baked beans and waited months between hair cuts to save money, but our insight of their spending habits shows that the reality is quite different. Read more.

8. Prospective students want real advice

Students are looking for more than a prospectus and fancy website to help them decide which university is right for them. Read more.

7. Marketers must look beyond CTR when measuring campaign success

Marketing is notoriously hard to track and when you have a number of promotions running at the same time it’s important to know which method is performing best. Click through rate has long been the preffered method for judging online success but this insight shows that 2011 should be the time for marketers to stop and look at the ambient effects of online advertising too. Read more.

6. Understanding Generation Y Employees

Analysis of The Student Room’s research on graduate recruitment provided this detailed report of how employers can make the most of the new generation of graduates. Read more.

5. UK students choose spending over saving

Understanding students spending habits is vital for those looking to target this lucrative market and this insight shows that students are ready to spend yet credit cards are not popular. Read more.

4. Salford University on The Student Room

This case study on Salford University really helps to confirm the benefits of marketing on the world’s largest student site and reinforces how campaign success doesn’t stop at click throughs. Read more.

3. Students most receptive to online advertising and offers

Students are renowned for trying to avoid advertising, they are very aware of it and marketers have found it increasingly difficult to target them. This insight shows us that with the emergence of social media sites like The Student Room, carefully targeted online advertising could be the answer. Read more.

2. Graduate recruitment white paper March 2010

An extremely useful resource that all graduate recruiters should read. Helping them to understand what students are looking for once they leave university and how best to target the most intelligent and ambitious students for their organisation. Read more.

1. A report into how an increase in tuition fees will influence the HE choices of future students

We’ve been producing research on The Student Room throughout the year and when the Lord Browne review of higher education funding was published we set out to gauge students reaction and how this might affect the future of higher education. The response was massive and the findings provide a vital insight for all those responsible for recruiting undergraduates for their university or college, which is why we’ve made it our Number 1 student Insight for 2010. Read more.

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