TSR Tech survey shows how students balance their passion for the latest trends and technology with their bank balances

In the first of a series of five posts, we will reveal how the outputs of a recent survey show that despite living on a budget, with technology, price is not the only factor that influences which products and brands turn students on and off.

The Student Room survey received 297 respondents, the majority of which were aged 16-19, and included both female (60.5%) and male (39.5%) students.

The results produced some interesting statistics about students’ habits and preferences in relation to 5 main categories of technological products and services:

  1. TV;
  2. Internet;
  3. Computers;
  4. Mobile phones and tablets;
  5. Gaming.

The survey found that when researching which products to purchase, students’ are more likely to look to their peers on The Student Room, than use other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The outputs also demonstrated which factors influence students when deciding both what’s hot, and what not to buy. Despite previous assumptions about students always having an eye for a bargain, when it comes to technology the most important factors for students are performance and reliability, and then price.

In addition to the statistical results produced, this willingness to invest in performance over price for a quality durable product indicates the importance of these products and services in students’ day-to-day lives, for both work and play.