TV: Students like televisual value and variety and choose Sky over Virgin Media

Our tech’ survey looked beyond mobiles and internet and also sought to discover students’ TV habits, which demonstrate that they are interested in both variety and value.

Although there are respondents with premium television packages with regular subscription fees, a large number of students are satisfied with the cheaper digital option of a Freeview box, for a one-off payment or as a service that is now pre-loaded in many modern televisions.

  • 27.5% have Freeview

Among the leading brands for television subscription packages, Sky came out on top of Virgin Media with more than double the subscriptions.

  • 10.8% have a Sky subscription
  • 4.5% have a Virgin media subscription

For the range of channels accessed by students, around one fifth include specialist sport and movie channels as add-ons to their basic subscription packages.

  • 10.4% have a Sky Sports package
  • 8.2% have Sky movies
  • 5.6% have ESPN

In addition to statistics about students’ product and service usages, there were also indications about their viewing habits. Just under a third watch television through the internet, and over two fifths prefer to see their favourite shows in a social environment rather than in their own room.

  • 43.1% of students watch TV in a communal area
  • 31.2% usually watch TV online

Findings taken from The Student Room technology survey of 297 students

  • Daniel

    The comparison and statistics you have mentioned are really good and appreciable. Just wondering, will the statistics of the similar survey vary in rural and urban areas? I have seen that there is no connections of the leading brands in some areas and they have to rely on the local Cable TV or Free-view boxes.

    • Kailan

      Thanks for your comment Daniel. Yes I think that there could be some variation depending on available services, however many of the respondents to this survey were university students so I think we can assume they live in large towns and cities. I’ll keep it in mind to segment by region in any follow up research that we do on this though.