Understanding the new fees: The Student Room and Student Finance England team up to help students

With a new tuition fee structure coming in to place in 2012, Student Finance England and The Student Room have teamed up to provide students with a central Student Finance hub of information about the new tuition fees, costs of going to uni, available funding and anything else they might need to know about the financial side of going to university.

The hub that launched today along with a Live Twitter Q&A with Martin Lewis from moneysavingexpert.com, which is happening as I write this, will include a number of resources to make sure students are well informed about the options available to them.

Alongside video content, editorial, twitter feed and links to other useful resources, students will be able to benefit from the peer-to-peer discussion that has made The Student Room so popular.

6th formers and other potential university applicants will be able to talk to other applicants, current university students living on a student budget as well as those that have graduated and are now dealing with the repayments.

Student finance has always been a big topic of discussion on The Student Room and so by bringing all of these resources together we hope that students will be better informed about what funding is available to them, how they apply and what they can expect when it comes to paying it back.

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