We’re hiring! School and Colleges Community Manager

(Study Help for KS4 & KS5)

The Student Room Group owns three of the UK’s most popular youth sites: TheStudentRoom.co.uk, GetRevising.co.uk and MarkedByTeachers.com and we’re looking for a new Community Manager at our super cool Brighton offices.

The Student Room is both the UK’s No.1 education site and the UK’s largest online student community (comScore). These are exciting times as we’ve seen growth in every area of our business, moving into fantastic new offices and winning the BAHBA award for Fastest Growing Business in the City of Brighton and Hove.

Our products are innovative, social and cutting edge, revolutionising the way students collaborate and support one another from GCSE through to University. We won four awards for Best Youth Site and Best Community Site in the 2013 LOVIE Awards. Combined, we reach up to 8 million people every month, planting us firmly in the country’s top 150 online media owners.

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About the role

Our community is at the heart of everything we do and the community team exists to support our members at every step of their education.
Every student in the UK will use our learning communities in the future and you’ll help us get there.

As community manager for our school and college facing learning offering, you will be responsible for:

  • Growing our study help communities across both The Student Room and Get Revising, pro-actively bringing new students into your areas.
  • Nurturing the communities to encourage students to then keep coming back and using the areas, through activities, content and relationship building.
  • Developing our crack team of awesome student volunteers, who work across your area of the community, helping them become the best they can be.

You’ll understand GCSEs and A-levels (plus have knowledge of IB, SQA, BTEC) and know how students can use online social tools to collaborate, learn and supplement their studies to understand and perform better.


  • Strategy: you have complete ownership and responsibility for the success of our Study Help communities, which span all subjects at GCSE and A-level (and equivalents) across two websites: The Student Room and Get Revising. You will create the strategy that will see us build the largest community of students that help and support each other throughout their studies.
  • Plan: create a plan of community content and activities based around the academic year that will keep students engaged and coming back to take part.
  • Grow: invite students into the learning areas of the sites and encourage them to engage through discussion, community nurturing and promoting our learning tools.
  • Knowledge: remain up-to-date on the educational curriculum and the learning needs of students.
  • Volunteer management: develop our learning volunteer team into a proactive group of student helpers who support and help other students across all subjects – we’d love every student with a question to receive a useful answer, which is possible by growing our existing network of student study helpers and supporting them.
  • Moderation: with volunteer helpers, keep the forums structured and free of issues like spam, trolls and bullying.
  • Content: under the guidance of our editor, produce useful supporting content such as articles (e.g. guides and FAQs) or discussions in our forums to inform and engage students, and encourage creation and ownership of this content within our volunteer team.
  • Events and activities: host regular online and offline events and activities for students to support their learning and to build a sense of community.
  • Influence: build relationships and share knowledge within the community to build your own influence so that people like you and respect your guidance.
  • Business integration: be the learning face of the business within the community, and represent the needs of students internally to the business: reporting regularly to the wider company (particularly the learning product department) on community activity and the needs of students.
  • User experience: listen to the community and recommend improvements to their experience.
  • Outreach: use social media and other communication platforms to reach students and bring them back to the forums.
  • Administration: answer Ask an Admin questions from the community, respond to members, make announcements about new developments, appoint moderators and other general requirements that may arise from the community.
  • Speak for students: research and represent student opinions from within your sections, making sure those opinions are heard.


  • You have been a teacher of KS4 or KS5 for at least 5 – 10 years, probably significantly longer and preferably for a core subject like maths, English or the sciences.
  • Outstanding knowledge of curriculum, upcoming changes and the best ways to learn.
  • Natural ability to work with students on their level, encouraging them to share ideas – and helping them develop these, rather than telling them what to do.
  • A real people person – naturally friendly, positive and keen to listen to other people both online and in person.
  • Confident with online technology – you don’t have to be Bill Gates, but the majority of this job is about online communication.
  • Persuasive and a natural leader who people are drawn to.
  • Strong delegation skills essential.