What students have really been talking about on results day – Midday update


As the world’s largest student site we’re privileged to have a great view on what students are talking about. So we’ve jumped head first in to the discussion and pulled out the most relevant information for you today.


The Student Room breaks its previous record for students on the site at one time as 16,366 log on to discuss their results and get advice about going to university, clearing and the alternatives to university such as gap years and apprenticeships. Our moderators have now answered 776 questions from students as 150 new discussions are started every hour by students in the university and clearing forums.

Key topics of conversation

  • Students become frustrated as universities are reluctant to confirm or reject applicants who missed their offers
  • Discussion builds around the adjustment process with many students unsure about the process

What are students really talking about


Discussion rises to 1,500 posts an hour as most students have their results and can now decide what they need to take to university, arrange accommodation or find a place through clearing. Our moderators are getting close to 1000 questions answered in the university and clearing forums alone. Overall 12,056 posts have been made across The Student Room today.

Key topics of conversation

  • While some universities are accepting people who missed their offers, others are delaying making decisions until tomorow
  • Students are awaiting the UCAS track midday update

What are students really talking about

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