How we fight for students

they're tomorrow's leaders, teachers and parents


Helping young people through their student journey is why we wake up in the morning. Every single day we listen to what young people say. That’s why we’ll amplify their voice when they aren’t being heard and do everything in our power, to give every single student the best opportunities available to them, every step of the way.

At the heart of what we do are five key beliefs that we live by. We call them our ‘Big Rocks’, forming the foundations of everything that we do.


We are communication champions!

In a world where students are last to know… It’s our role to make sure ALL young people connect with good information to make good decisions about ALL of the options out there. This information MUST be available when and where students are looking for it.

No to bullying

Work together not against each other. It’s tough enough going through school and college figuring out who you are and what you want to do without other students holding you back. The world would be boring if we were all the same. Embrace diversity. Stand up to bullying. Get inspired by our differences. Work together to get ahead.

Young people need to be listened to

Government policy makers – listen up! National press – listen up! Students are closer than anyone to the education system, their experiences and opinions should be listened to. Young people have amazing ideas and care about the world they are inheriting. We will amplify their voice, now listen!

Learning isn’t just for passing exams

Learning is a by-product of being curious about the world. Learning isn’t confined to the classroom and it’s not JUST for passing exams. Develop and share your passions. Always ask questions. Science is cool, scientists and engineers are rock stars. Don’t just use something, find out how things work.

Together we are stronger (and have more fun)

The power of community – whether you need some help understanding something your teacher makes very complex. If you’re homesick at uni or need money saving tips. If you want to know what it’s like to study Chemistry A-Level or if you’d enjoy going to Liverpool University. No one can help you with these things better than people just like you that have been through it or are going through it now as well. Make friends and belong to something special, TSR.